Glasgow startup ecosystem

Heather Wong

Robin Ferenc

Chris Wild

Caine Simpson


Glasgow; a city of just over 606,340 people (Countrydigestorg, 2017) with around 20,000 of that being business professionals (Alla, 2016). This group of professionals could be attracted to Glasgow for its renown and steady provision of industrial greatness from as early as the beginning of the 19th century originally in textiles and then moving on to shipbuilding and locomotive construction (Bbccouk, 2017) or it could be that they are attracted to Glasgow for its recent award of ‘smart city’ and a grant of £24 million from the Technology Strategy Board alongside many investments in the infrastructure and systems such as transport and safety (Startupscouk, 2017). Elements such as those stated and even more such as a vibrant culture and cheap building/house costs combined make Glasgow a thriving business ecosystem and ideal for start up ventures in tandem…

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12. COSA VOSTRA Proposal


Cosa Vostra

The central concept of “Cosa Vostra” is an exclusive, membership funded, pop up event with 24 hours notice prior to the start of the event.

Name – the concept for the name comes from the italian word ‘cosa’ which means ‘thing’. In itself it bears little meaning but put within the correct sentence relates to an object, person or thing. Cosa Vostra is the name for the mafia which translates to ‘this thing of ours’ which ties in well with the membership concept. The mafia is infamous for their style of membership and exclusivity which gives the event company a similar essence.

Aim – to create unique experiences that are far from the mundane reality of normal life and introduce a new generation of creative talent to an audience.

Central Idea – Cosa Vostra’ is an event service or formula which aims to create a unique and exclusive…

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