4400: The Mixing Process

The final stage of the production assignment was the mixing process.

I’ll start with the drums. As I said in my previous post the sound I was trying to achieve from the drums was something similar to the original song. As I progressed with mixing however I decided to change a few things to suit this version better. For instance the kick in the original is not very prominent but I felt a heavier kick works well with the other components of my mix so it is a bit louder and the low end has been enhanced on it, and some resonances taken out. I also key gated the outside kick to the inside kick to minimise bleed from other elements. For the snare I added a plate reverb and added a high pass filter as well as removing resonances. The high hat has been boosted at around 8kHz and had the low end cut to enhance their brilliance. Similarly the overheads have been boosted at about 5kHz and have low pass filters on them. I have also used parallel compression on the drums.

The bass has had its low end boosted and some mids cut. The rhythm guitars have had resonances eq’d and have been compressed, as well as given some reverb. To begin with both rhythm guitar parts were playing at the same time however I found that they clashed with each other and other elements. For this reason I have panned one of them 40 left and one of them 40 right and never have them playing at the same time as each other. This adds a sense of width to the stereo field and makes a nice variation at different parts of the song.

The lead guitar has also been eq’d and compressed and given reverb. I have automated the volume of both the guitar and the reverb to be quieter during verses and louder during the solos. I also added a slight distortion to the lead guitar to allow it to stand out in the mix.

The lead vocals have been boosted in the low mids and  at around 4.5kHz, while being cut at around 1.6kHz. They have also been compressed and de-essed, and given a fairly prominent reverb.

The backing vocals have not had much done to them other than resonance EQing, compression and reverb to fit with the lead vocals. I have also panned one of them 45 left and the other 45 right to again add an impression of space.

So there we have it. That was a basic overview of how I mixed the song, and this concludes my 4400 series of blog posts.



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