4400: Session Plan

My next series of blogs are meant to document the progress of my first production assignment. In the near future I will be describing the whole process from pre-production to recording to the mixdown.

This first entry is a basic plan for a drum recording including some information about the song, microphones and techniques used, room layout and a timeline.

Track Sheet: Track Sheet

Tracking List: Tracking Checklist

Room Plan: With drums-Room Sketcher Drums

With mics only-Room Sketcher Mics

Microphones & Techniques:

Kick in- Shure SM58, Placed on damping material ~10cm from beater skin.

Kick Out- AKG D112, placed fairly near outer skin but not touching.

Snare Top- Shure SM57, placed about 5cm from the drum skin at 60° angle.

Snare Bottom- Red5 Audio RVD30, placed opposite from snare top.

Hi Hat- AKG C1000, placed above the edge of the hats pointing directly down.

Overheads- Stereo pair of SE Electronics SE1a, placed in coincident XY position above the kit pointing between the kick and snare.

Time Line: 

•16:00-17:30 Set up live room with drums and mics, set up desk and protools for recording.

•17:30-19:30 Tracking drums

•19:30-20:00 Neutralise desk, pack up live room.



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